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So what is brain based health care?  Brain based therapies are therapies that include using the brain, the body, and the fuel that makes your body run. Our healthcare system traditionally manages one part of your body at a time. You may go see a cardiologist for your heart, an endocrinologist for your hormones or maybe a geneticist to find a missing link to explain your symptoms. While all are excellent providers, they usually do not discuss “you” with each other. The missing link in our healthcare system is not looking at the whole body at the same time: the brain, the body, and the fuel.  Assessing all 3, brain, body, and fuel, gives a complete picture of you.

Today, more than ever, children are receiving so many labels. Labels, such as: AD(H)D, Aggressive, Anxiety, Asperger, Autistic, Clumsy, Coordination Dysfunction, Frontal Lobe Dysfunction,  OCD, ODD, PDD, PTSD and the list goes on. Most research today does not point to a genetic origin but rather a response by the body based on the environment inside or out. Since the 80’s many individuals labeled early on are now adults. From lack of knowledge, direction, and insight, these adults are still suffering. In addition, many people have experienced brain injuries. Brain injuries from trauma, degeneration, and inflammation resulting in diagnoses that seems to have halted their quality of life.

Connect My Brain is place that looks at the individual from the inside out, from the top to bottom, and everything in between. You have the ability to create change in your physical, your energy, and your thoughts. It is not a magic wand but rather a navigation system. The system is completely directed by the individual needs of you. So how does Connect My Brain change this most incredible system that you are?

We start by looking at your brain. Your brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons. As a baby, your brain was exploding with new nerves called neurogenesis. Think about a baby’s ability from day 1 to year 1. There is so much change. The first year of life is so unique. It takes a year to stand up and interact with gravity. By age 2 your stomach matures, by 3 your immune system matures. The developmental progression is where you were wired from. The wiring actually started when you were in your mother’s womb. There is a foundation for each and every one of us. No one was able to bypass the process of wiring.

If an individual had a stroke, their brain would return to a rudimentary place of learning in order to recover. A child with developmental delay (regardless of the label) is typically noted as being neurologically younger than their chronological age. For example, the child may be 8 years old and is reading on a kindergarten level. You can look one way on the outside but function very differently on the inside. However, if the brain is given the right stimulus, integration, and fuel big changes are very possible.

The brain can get “stuck” in a pattern. Your brain is made up of frequencies for communication. When you focus or pay attention, the electrical patterns in your brain slow down and relax, and the amplitude of your brain-waves generally stabilizes in the alpha range. The alpha brain wave is responsible for focus, attention, self-reflection, deep relaxation and suppression of anxiety.

There are many brain waves: delta, theta, alpha, SMR, Beta, high beta, gamma. Each brain wave has a unique frequency. Each area of the brain utilizes brain waves differently. The brain in unison works together allowing you to accomplish your tasks, thoughts, conversation, attention, sleep, setting the pattern for self-regulation.   When brain wave frequencies are not within an expected range then symptoms will manifest. Each of these labels identifiesa frequency disruption. The good news is you can change your brain. Neuroplasticity is the way your brain reorganizes itself throughout your life. If you keep it flexible, exercise self-control, and give it optimal fuel, your brain is teachable. You can change your pattern through neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is the practice of self-regulation. It is not an isolated therapy but rather a practice in “real-time” revealing your brain back to you. The brain changes in real-time, the actual time that it is practicing a particular brain wave like alpha. When you are hungry, you receive a feedback message that tells your brain to go get something to eat. If you are cold, your brain drives you to get a coat or blanket. Science has learned that we function through feedback. If an area is not communicating as expected, then you practice to regain the ability to control what you think and do. You have the ability to get back in touch with yourself.

Connect My Brain is a place for you to get back in touch with who you are and what you want to do. The program is for children and adults. The heart of the program includes brain mapping, functional nutrition, neuro and biofeedback, and movement designed to restore your body. Please feel free to contact us with any questions We are here to serve.

Meet The Team

Dr. Laura Hanson - Connect My Brain

Dr. Laura Hanson

Dr. Hanson has practiced since 1996 in the area of pediatric development and brain-based patient management. Dr. Hanson is recognized as a world expert in teaching and caring for children with developmental delay. Her goal is to educate communities on the effects of stress. Stress is a real physiological event. Stress changes the developing brain. Stress interferes with conceiving a baby. Stress causes children and parents to have meltdowns. Chronic stress causes chronic ill health.

Dr. Laura Hanson - Connect My Brain

Gabrielle Wright

Gabby graduated from Georgia Southern University with a B.S in Kinesiology. Her interest in researching the effects of exercise on the body, coupled with her passion for working with children, led her to Connect My Brain.

Dr. Laura Hanson - Connect My Brain

Stephanie Meyer

 A client and friend of Connect My Brain, Stephanie he has experience transitioning her kitchen to accommodate the dietary needs of her family. Also she has developed strategies for shopping, organizing the kitchen and managing supplementation.

Dr. Laura Hanson - Connect My Brain

Stephanie Briles

 Stephanie Briles is a parent of former patients of Connect My Brain and now a formal business partner of the company. She serves as the office manager of Connect My Brain handling clerical and administrative duties.

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