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Why Children Meltdown

I have many parents come in and talk to me about meltdowns. There are many reasons why children have meltdowns. It is very similar to working with a baby. First you should always ask yourself if your child is hungry, tired, or if their diaper is wet. Those might be...

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Pediatric Development Coaching

When I started down the road with pediatrics I was just like most chiropractors. I learned a little about pediatrics in school and I wanted to attract the whole family into the practice. Over the years I had many special cases that made me realize I didn’t know...

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Toddler Formula

 There is a commercial on TV right now regarding toddler formula. It is called Enfagrow Next Step. I would like to give you a bit of information so that if you see a commercial like this one and are debating whether or not to give it to your toddler you are armed...

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What’s Wrong With W-Sitting?

I recently came across an article that had a title that scared parents into reading it. It was about the “W sit” and it said that people should stop their children from doing this immediately. So I want to give you some feedback about the “W sit.” The “W sit” is when...

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Want To Lose Weight? Connect To Your Brain

At the beginning of each year we are bombarded with TV and radio ads about losing weight. In fact, I was taken aback when I saw that Oprah is the new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers on their commercial. I would like you to look deeper at that commercial when you have...

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