Child Developmental Delay

Connect My Brain is a program designed to help children who are labeled or suspected to “have” autism, Asperger, AD(H)D, Clumsy, PDD, OCD, ODD and the list goes on and on. Today 1:5 children are having trouble learning and paying attention. However, most programs are focused only on strategies to improve a task. Connect My Brain is focused on the “why” so we can “resolve”.

More than 1 in 7 American children get diagnosed with ADHD. Our children are not developing as expected. We need to be to asking “why” not what label we should place upon the individual. The label is a diagnosis for insurance and traditional course of care. If you are in a program that is meeting all your expectations then stay there. However, if your child or you are not moving in the direction of resolution please consider a conversation with our office.

Connect My Brain embraces how human physiology works together. You are a body of movement; you are a system relying on chemical reactions, while orchestrated by your brain. Each individual is thoroughly assessed neurologically, functional labs, and brain mapping. The outcomes create your individual program.

Connect My Brain looks at developmental progression of each child. During the first seven years of life your subconscious is developed, your neural circuits are laid down, and how the system will communicate is wired. Child development is the foundation for how you play or move, how you think and use your brain.

Your child’s wiring system is centrally generated while in the womb. Central generators known as reflexes drive the neurological system to develop before sensory-motor connections are made. The pre-natal period has a very strong influence on the development of your child. Stressors (can be mechanical, chemical and the thought life) occurring during pregnancy can impair biological and behavioral adaptation to stress later in life. The stress response increases stress chemicals, like cortisol, and has been linked to impaired development.

The process of birth and the early years also influence the progression of development. A cesarean section alters the influence of the bacteria exposure for the newborn. Altered bacteria exposure is linked to eczema, sensitivities, and developmental delayed. Children who are frequently ill with ear infections, colic, chronic colds during the first three years of life are more likely to be diagnosed with developmental delay.

Connect My Brain offers solutions from pre-conception through adulthood. The approach is simple; the approach matches exactly how the human being is designed. Humans are designed to move with ease, fueled by healthy foods, and to use your brain at its highest potential. We are not limited by genes or labels but rather when you provide your systems with exactly what it needs; your body and mind will be transformed.