Functional Labs For Children

Functional Labs For Children

Functional labs evaluate your child’s body for optimal levels of function. This is a key fact when understanding the differences between traditional allopathic (medical) labs offered by most medical providers and functional labs offered by health care practitioners typically categorized as alternative, Homeopathic, biomedical etc.

Today many health care providers utilize functional labs. Every system and pathway has an optimal level of function. Functional labs address the subtle findings, such as, high normal and low normal, deficiencies and imbalances. The subtle findings are often the easiest to resolve with some detective work. The subtle findings are usually the first areas noticed by individuals. Addressing subtle health issues quickly increases the likelihood that the symptoms will not manifest into full pathology.

Pathology means that the system has now changed and the lab results will typically and concretely yield the symptoms a name, like PANDAS, Leaky Gut, Auto-Immune and so on. Let’s walk backwards for a minute. You don’t simply wake up one morning with pathology. A disease progression takes time to manifest into symptoms and then for the symptoms to manifest into laboratory changes. So this is what makes “subtle findings” important. If you could stop a cold prior to a full blown illness, I think you would. So wonder if you knew your body was heading in the wrong direction? Wonder if you could make some easy changes which would alter the course of your health direction? Would you be interested in learning how to make those changes?

Traditional medical labs have been our standard of care. However, the “Within Normal Limits” (WNL) that you see or hear about following a lab assessment are being altered. Every year the WNL are changed depending on how many people had a particular lab and what the averages were. Therefore our health is compared to averages rather than optimal levels. The truth is that the functional component of human physiology has not changed, so why would our needs change? Often times individuals innately “feel like” something is wrong, labs might be performed but if the outcomes are WNL, then the patient’s reported symptoms are often dismissed and usually with a prescription that will mask the subtle symptoms and yield side effects.

Connect My Brain, working within our scope of practice, will address nutritional protocols to eliminate deficiencies, personalize food choices, resolve gut imbalances and global inflammation, repair gut function, and optimize elimination pathways which have all been associated with compromised health. Instead of guessing, functional labs direct every step to correct health at its origin. Our goal at Connect My Brain is to accomplish resolution in the shortest amount of time. Functional labs remove the guess work.

The greatest barrier in choosing to have functional labs is the out of pocket expense. Often money detours individuals from following the recommendations to have the labs completed. While I certainly understand financial limitations, I assure you this is the quickest way to restore health. While some functional lab companies process labs through your insurance, not every insurance company participates. Labs can be organized over a period of time and there are some options in financial credit that may work for your family.

My recommendation is to decide how important your health is. We must understand that insurance policies are changing and cannot be the sole criterion that we either choose to do something for ourselves or not. The labs will provide knowledge and knowledge will allow you to change your state of health.