Neurofeedback and Biofeedback
Infants and Children

Neurofeedback and Bio feedback for Infants and Children

Neurofeedback and Bio feedback – Connect My BrainNeuro and Bio Feedback is brain training. Most children as young as age 4 can participate in feedback training. During the developmental assessment, your child will participate in a Stress Response Test (SRE). The SRE will identify if your child is in a chronic stress pattern. Remember stress is mechanical, like walking late or afraid to ride a bicycle. Stress is chemical, like constipation, food sensitivities, or eczema. Stress is emotional, like anxiety or easily scared.

The SRE evaluates your child responses to stressors. The SRE has four stressors: 1) adaptation to their current environment; 2) cognitive challenge (age appropriate); 3) distracting sounds; and 4) biofeedback or breathing. The test results allow us to see how your child’s brain engages with daily “stressors”, measurable brain power and specific brain band ratios that influence physiological function and behaviors. Not only do we want to see the chemical properties of your child’s body through bio functional labs, but we also want to see if the neurology integrates as expected.

Without the correct response children, due to their immaturity, will not have the appropriate behavior, expected learning ability, and healthy physiological function which is the foundation to build into a thriving young adult.

An interesting observation has been seen over the last decade of performing this test on children. Many children have come to my practice and carry different labels. Some are autistic, AD(H)D, dyslexic, anxious, have poor coordination, just to name a few. Regardless of the label, the one thing all the children have had in common is they lack appropriate brain engagement. Engagement is whether the correct brain wave is coming on to handle the stress and turning off when the stress is removed. Without the correct response, children due to their immaturity will not have the appropriate behavior, expected learning ability, healthy physiological function, and foundation to build into a thriving young adult.

The SRE evaluates the brain’s influences on Heart Rate, Skin Conduction, Temperature, Respiration, and Muscle Responses. The SRE is an instrumental tool in determining your child’s personal recovery protocol. If the SRE determines that your child is in a chronic stress response, your child is receiving a redundant message which yields a “parked” brain wave. If the pattern remains, the brain literally begins to perceive the pattern as “self”. It is not enough just to do exercises; the brain must go through “real-time” brain retraining in order to break the “parked” message.

Brain retraining in “real-time” is what is referred to as neurofeedback. Your child will participate in a series of feedback sessions. Each session is approximately 20 minutes in length. Children very easily can engage with computer software and make boats win races, dragons fly, and light bulbs turn on when connecting to the appropriate brain wave. The “real-time” is in the very moment that the animation is moving which supplies a reward back to your child.

Neuro and Bio feedback are an exceptional tool in helping anxious children learn how to relax; children having difficulty with focus literally are practicing focus with an immediate “feedback” that they are doing it correctly; children who have difficulty taking a deep breath learn how to inflate their lungs while sliding down the hill. Children are experiencing what it means to be engaged. Just like tying your shoes, you had to practice and feel the laces in order to gain the concept of bringing the laces together. Children are practicing “the how” to be connected to their own brain.

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