The food you eat does affect your health. The food you give your child affects the availability of nutrient dense calories necessary to make the nervous system work efficiently. The nutritional services offered through Original Development address the chemistry make up of your child. The brain needs 3 things to develop and thrive:

  • Glucose – the food you eat
  • Stimulation – the milestones your child acquires
  • Oxygen – your child’s muscle tone and energy to move and make oxygen

Most children suffering with developmental delays have gut problems. An individual is only as healthy as there gut function. If your child is a picky eater, only eats certain foods, has poor elimination with lose stools, pebble like stools, or constipation, rashes, reactions, circles under their eyes, and behavior changes either from certain foods, additives, preservatives, etc…there is a greater likelihood of gut dysfunction.

Gut dysfunction has many symptoms and each child’s gut is different. The history usually tells me the story of what happened to your child’s tummy. There are open windows of development; the gut is maturing up to around two years of age. The immune system is developing during the first three years and the brain explodes in growth during the first three years. This chronology suggests that all three; the gut, the immune system, and the brain are intimately connected. To ensure healthy development you must consider the connection and function of these three systems.

During the history I interview the mother, if possible, to determine her diet throughout her pregnancy. The birth venue helps me understand if the neonate was exposed to good bacteria. A vaginal delivery provides the neonate exposure to good bacteria. A c-section disrupts the exposure and most children have a tendency to have increased gut and immune problems. Regardless of the course taken, the balance of normal flora or bacteria is important to ensure your child will begin to heal quickly. However, the other side of the story is we don’t want anyone living on supplements. If you have given your child a probiotic, the probiotic should be introduced for a season and then allow the gut and brain to regulate normal or typical colonization of bacteria. It is also matters which strain you introduce as a supplement and the order you would continue to follow. There are many pieces to addresses gut health, diet, and supplementation. A personal plan will address the individual needs of your child.

A personal plan often includes the use of Functional Labs. Original Development wants to take the most direct route in your child’s recovery. The most effective direction is to know exactly what your child’s individual needs are. You have certainly heard of eliminating gluten (processed wheat) and casein (cow’s milk products), there are many children that are truly sensitive to both. Labs are discussed in more detail under the Biomedical Labs tab.

From the functional lab assessment your child food sources are identified, vitamin and mineral levels are specific, which allows us to personalize nutrition protocols that will restore your child’s health. Initially, the plan addresses healing gut function before dietary restrictions. After reviewing the website you would properly agree that my goal is to keep your stress down. In the beginning the first steps are to initiate healing then you will notice your child’s menu enlarges.

When you child’s gut function is not working properly, their food choices are driven by the environment created inside their body.  Children stuck on eating pizza, macaroni and cheese, bread, pasta, ice cream, cookies are eating for the benefit of what is growing in their tummy: bad bacteria, yeast and parasites. We all have yeast, bad bacteria and potentially parasites, but on a complex carbohydrate dense diet these creatures proliferate and take-over. We have a gut-brain connection, so if you have an over-growth of yeast, bad bacteria and parasites in your gut there is a greatly likelihood of the same in your brain. Your brain drives your appetite through the Hypothalamus and Rhythm Systems; our appetite is really more like a craving to maintain a particular environment inside the gut. Complex carbohydrates lead to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis needs the complex carbohydrates to survive. This gut environment leads to chronic inflammation and the cycle continues. The outcome is a sick child.

The human body needs food to survive. Every system requires food which is broken down to fuel. If your child’s diet is not optimal then unfortunately his development is compromised. At Original Development gut health is a required pillar to change the current state of health.

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