Nutritional Support for a Healthy Mind

Introducing services to help parents and patients make the necessary changes to their kitchens to accommodate food sensitivities as well as planning and organization for supplementation. Stephanie Meyer is a client and friend of Connect My Brain. She has experience transitioning her kitchen to accommodate the dietary needs of her family. Also she has developed strategies for shopping, organizing the kitchen and managing supplementation.

Stephanie Meyer:
I am just a mom who has a child with ADD/ADHD and mild autism. One of the contributing factors was food sensitivities. I have also dealt with food sensitivities for the past 4-5 years. I have developed a system of planning and sourcing recipes to satisfy the dietary restrictions that come with the program to bring healing. I also had to develop a good way to stay on top of the supplementation that was required. I want to share some of my resources, tips and tricks with you.