Matt Martinez

Dr Laura is very caring and professional. She takes her time and listens to understand issues. She is also very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people heal. Keep up the great work!

Clara Richardson Olguin

I brought my daughter Alondra to Dr. Hanson maybe a year ago and this changes her life and ours. My daughter was born with a Congenital Giant Nevus and after 28 surgeries she develops other issues that after her life an impacted ours also. Alondra later was diagnosed with, sensory issues, ADHD and thanks to Dr. Hanson we were able to help her without medication to finish school as an Honor student. Alondra was a picky eater but after educating our family about food, sensitiveness and other issues and patterns we develop in live Dr. Hanson help Alondra to love to eat and enjoy the food. She also helps my other 3 kids with food sensitivity. We are not talking about just a doctor, we are talking about someone who really cares about you and your family. Who walk the extra mile to help you find a solution to things we ask a regular doctor and usually there isn’t an answer. Solutions that teach you not to put a bandage to the problem, cover a problem but to fix it for life! I am the daughter of a General Doctor and an ophthalmologist and for me yes I respect the profession of medicine but I am also open to Homeopathic approach because it has worked for my family.

Angela Adams Fors

Dr. Laura is amazing. I have been going to her for stress management and she has helped me so much. A work situation with a co-worker was taking control over me and now I feel as if an elephant has been removed from my chest. I have learned to breathe deeply and let it go! The situation is much easier to handle and is not controlling me. I feel much more in control. Thank you, Dr. Laura!!

Martha Dennis

Dr. Laura has made a real difference in my state of mind. She has helped bring me back to the me I wondered if I would ever find again. Happy days are here again. Thank you.

Marcie Forrester Kennedy

Dr. Laura with Connect My Brain has truly been an answer to many prayers. Her program isn’t about putting a “bandaid” on the problem, but rather gets to the root causes of the problem. After 8 years of watching my child struggle with regulating his emotions as well as focus and behavior issues, we have finally come to a point where we are seeing great improvements in his brain health as well as a healthy family life. He has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, ADD, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My husband and I have always been committed to not using medications for our son’s brain disorders. Connect My Brain not only uses Neurofeedback and Biofeedback to treat the brain, but also nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplementation to heal from the inside. Hippocrates even knew thousands of years ago, that “All Disease Begins in The Gut.” It is more than worth meeting Dr. Laura for a consultation. She truly has a passion for people and goes over and beyond what any other health practitioner would ever do for you or your child!

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