Tri-Angle of Development

Connect My Brain offers a unique approach to neurological integration. The Tri-Angle of Development program was created after several years of pediatric developmental care. I recognized through years of care that almost every child with developmental delay demonstrated positive neurological findings in their vestibular system, visual system, and auditory system. Following investigation, these three systems, vestibular, eyes, and ears, have neurological connections and are pivotal for expected child development.

The vestibular system is neurologically connected to the visual system through what is called the vestibular ocular reflex. The eyes and ears are connected through the superior and inferior colliculus (originating in the midbrain), and the ears and the vestibular system are connected through the vestibular cochlear nerve. There is a triangle of connection, this triangle is brain stem dominant, and all three systems have incredible development prior to birth continuing its maturation during the early years and forward.

Many sensory motor programs, occupational therapies, and other modalities are only addressing neurological integration one time per week. When you think about human development and function, we live in gravity all day long. Gravity is a very important component in child development. Think about your child learning to walk. Your child needed an entire year to learn how to walk in gravity. Children that have difficulty crawling, creeping, or cruising will typically walk delayed. It is important to try and help your child as early as possible.

All services offered at Connect My Brain are centered on a multifaceted approach to match “how” the human body truly “works” in the world. Your child wants to experience all aspects of life and all at the same time. Doesn’t it make sense to approach your child’s nervous system in the same manner? The Tri-Angle of Development mimics integration of the brain stem through vestibular stimulation, visual stimulation, and auditory stimulation.

Depending on your child’s SRE, as described under the Neuro and Bio Feedback tabs, will determine the best approach of utilizing the Tri-Angle of Development program. The program may be used to down regulate an overly excited nervous system, some label examples are children thought to have anxiety disorder, AD(H)D, aggressive behavior, ODD, and OCD. The program is also used for children labeled ADD, Depression, and Withdrawn. Your child’s neurological assessment will indicate the best time to incorporate this program. Most programs include a minimum of 10 hours. The 10 hour program involves a 2 hour session for 5 consecutive days. Depending on your child’s needs, will determine the use and frequency of this program.