We customize our virtual services for Children


Are you concerned about the development of your child? Do you want to ensure that your child is developing correctly and achieving the correct milestones they should for their age? Children have optimal developmental windows when their neurology is building from one step to the next. Each stepped missed, the brain will try to adapt. Adaptation comes at a cost. The cost is the ability to focus, learn with ease, and make friends, play sports, and many more. When the root cause is identified, the child can retrain and rewire through neuroplasticity. Your child has the ability to make new neurons and new connections. A personal plan makes the difference.

No matter where you live, you now have the power to schedule a one-on-one video consultation with Dr. Laura Hanson!

  • 45-Minute Video Consultation
  • Full Medical History Review
  • Chief Issues
  • Progressive Issues
  • Attempted Medical/Alternative Interventions
  • Developmental Milestones Review
  • Each case is handled individually and is NOT a cookie cutter approach.
  • One 45-minute consultation WILL uncover the root cause of the problem and begin the process of restoring childhood and family life.

Children & Teens Virtual Meeting

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