30 Day Connect Journal for Peak Performance – Entrepreneurs

An Introduction to Our Course

It may be tough right now, but you hold a power in your brain that can harness change and move you exactly where you want to go!

Entrepreneurs play a key role in our economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bringing pioneering new ideas to market. You are needed right now more than ever.

It is believed that the mind geared towards high performance originates from a dominant right brain while those who execute rules, policies and plans use reasoning from the left side of their brain. You are right brain!

When you understand how your brain works, you can actually train yourself to reach heights that soar above everyone else. The Connect Journal is a 30-day process. You will spend approximately 15-30 minutes each day dedicated to achieving the best you possible. Yes! You can train your brain for success!

No matter where you live, you now have the power to connect with Dr. Laura!

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