Weight Management

The number one way to improve your health and decrease inflammation is to maintain an optimum weight.

weight management

Meet Isilda; she came to us primarily for her daughter. However, Isilda quickly discovered that she could benefit from our program as well. Isilda has followed the program exactly the way it is intended and her rewards are great. She has lost 18 pounds in 3 months, has completely changed her family’s diet, she and her daughter have resolved their deficiencies, her daughter receives praises at school, and Isilda is truly learning how to control her thoughts and actions. This is a lifestyle change.

The changes this family has made have the potential to remain permanent. They have learned through this process what they need to eat, what they need to stay away from, and how to implement the changes in their lives. We will go to the grocery store with you. We will educate on how to read a label. Your program is designed personally for you based on your biochemistry and your abilities. We help you strengthen yourself from the inside out.

The program includes personal exercise programs. Dr. Hanson has an extensive background in cardiovascular exercise, muscle activation, and balanced performance, and working with individuals directing and supporting their personal fitness goals. Most of us can exercise, but a coach offers discipline and accountability. Our goal is to get you going, change the inhibitory messages in your brain that block you from consistency, drive, and motivation.

The weight management program is simply an extension of the entire process necessary to change your brain-body connection and bring your health to optimal performance. Research from 2012 indicates more than one-third adults and children in America are obese. If you have read any additional content on this website, you should see that Connect My Brain is focused on changing the brain’s patterns that create obstacles in our lives. Imagine a child moving through development carrying excess weight. The child is unable to fully participate in physical activities. The child’s diet is rich in complex starching carbs, fast-food, school lunches, and soda. The internal environment of unhealthy food choices coupled with the external environment lacking in physical fitness creates a pattern in this child.

The pattern is created in the brain telling the child this is who they are. Now as the child grows up their systems are being wired up with the role model of dis-ease. This child is now at risk for heart disease. This is adults too! The only difference is timing. If your weight has been out of control since you were a child, your risks for obesity-related diseases are increased. If your weight changed drastically as an adult, your risks for the disease has increased.

Let this be the year that you put your health first and make the changes you need once and for all. We have many families, individuals, and children who have made the commitment to their health and are taking the steps for success. We invite you to become part of our family.